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Scilla offer ready to deploy solutions for:

These complete and ready-to-run systems are fully tested and can be deployed with minimal commissioning efforts. Roll-out of a complete commercial service is typically less than three months.

Did You Know?

Scilla's solutions support open standards based service protection.

Operators can monetize on premium content and generate revenue from day one.

Push-VOD and Filecasting over DVB Networks

Push-VOD allow operators to download premium content onto PVR Set-top Boxes that are fitted with a local hard disk or have access domestic media storage server. Scilla's Push-VOD systems is compatible with various Conditional Access (CAS) vendors' pre-encryption systems.

Read more about Scilla's Push-VOD solution.

DVB-SSU Enhanced Profile

Scilla's solution for playout of SSU supports all networks: cable, satellite, terrestrial and is interoperability tested with SSU client implementations from major set-top box manufacturers.

Read more about automated playout of SSU enhanced profile.

Wi-Fi TV Systems

Wi-Fi networks are ideal for extending Mobile TV broadcasts to cover indoor areas. As WLAN and Wi-Fi networks use unregulated frequencies, no broadcasting licenses are needed.

Read more about Scilla's system for extending Mobile TV into the Wi-Fi domain.


Scilla offers DRM solution for connected devices

Scilla has released a DRM solution that enables video-on-demand and video rental services on hybrid and connected devices.


A new TS monitoring and analyser software released

Scilla TS Monitor software supports H.264, AAC and DVB subtitling.


ProMPEG FEC is now available

The Pro-MPEG Code of Practice #3 Release 2 FEC is now available in all Scilla products that offer Transport Stream over RTP as input or output option.





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