Push-VOD over DVB Networks

Download Premium HD Content to Set-top Boxes

Are you a set-top box manufacturer?

If you are a Set-top Box manufacturer or middleware provider you may request Scilla's Push-VOD client requirement specifications.

Scilla's Push-VOD System for DVB Networks enable delivery of HD content to Set-top Box hard disks during off-peak hours. Premium content can be offered as subscription services or as pay-per-view.

Typical Push-VOD usage

  • Offer free movie trailers and teasers
  • Download full length movies
  • Offer pre-stored bonus content for live TV
  • Ad insertion from local disk storage

The Push-VOD workflow

  • Optional pre-encryption of content
  • Scheduling playout and announcing upcoming downloads
  • Playout of Push-VOD data carousels
  • Playback of stored content to the subscriber

Scilla's Solution

The end-to-end system builds upon Scilla's versatile Attitude content delivery platform and Exactitude Push-VOD carousel servers. The system pre-loads premium content to subscribers' Set-top boxes in the background e.g. during night time or at pre-defined time slots when unused network capacity is available.



The system uses a special Filecast Notification Table (FNT) to inform client applications about upcoming Push-VOD and filecasting sessions. This enables set-top boxes to wake-up from stand-by mode and only receive content that is selected for download by the subscriber.

Product Information

Scilla C2300 Push-VOD Server


Scilla offers DRM solution for connected devices

Scilla has released a DRM solution that enables video-on-demand and video rental services on hybrid and connected devices.


A new TS monitoring and analyser software released

Scilla TS Monitor software supports H.264, AAC and DVB subtitling.


ProMPEG FEC is now available

The Pro-MPEG Code of Practice #3 Release 2 FEC is now available in all Scilla products that offer Transport Stream over RTP as input or output option.





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