DVB-SSU Enhanced Profile

Advanced playout of SSU carousels

Are you a set-top box manufacturer?

L1300 DVB Teslab includes an offline tool for generating DVB-SSU enhanced profile compliant Transport Streams.

Did you know?

SSU Enhance Profile is stated mandatory in NorDig Unified 2.2.1 (external link)

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Furether reading on SSU: DigiTAG's Hanbook on DVB-SSU (external link)

To help network operators migrate from proprietary bootloading to SSU and the more advanced SSU enhanced profile, Scilla has introduced a solution for playout of SSU that supports all boot loading standards, all networks: cable, satellite, terrestrial and is interoperability tested with SSU client implementations from major set-top box manufacturers.

The main goal when designing and implementing this solution has been to automate generation of two layer SSU DSM-CC data carousels and Update Notification Tables (UNT).

Bandwidth Savings

The advantage with SSU enhanced profile is saving in bandwidth needed for Over-the-air bootloading as duration of the time slot for each stb model can be significantly reduced. This freed up capacity can then be used for other revenue generating services like Push-VOD and filecasting.

PSI/SI: Update Notification Table (UNT)

The UNT table is used to describe the availability. and location of the System Software Update services. The UNT table also include target descriptors that provides information about intended targets for the SSU services. The software update itself is carried in a two-layer data carousel which can be located with the help of the information in the UNT.

Advanced Scheduling

Dividing data broadcast into UNT for signaling and two layer carousels for actual data broadcast enables scheduling models like weekly and daily repetitive time-slots, updating several stb models simultaneously, the SSU data can be transmitted during night time etc.

SSU Carousel Playout

Scilla's C2200 SSU Server is capable of playing out SSU data carousels as specified in ETSI TS 102 006. Additionally the server generates the UNT tables with relevant scheduling and target descriptors, based on externally provided scheduling information.

Extranet with SSU File Repository

Attitude Service Platform's Content Delivery System provide a centralized repository for storing all SSU files as well as all other proprietary firmware files together with version information and other metadata tagging information.

SSU Testlab for set-top box manufacturers

L1300 DVB Teslab and its SSU Add-on module generates SSU Data carousels and UNT tables. Additionally it includes an offline tool for generating DVB-SSU enhanced profile compliant transport streams. This is convenient as by many broadcast network operators, transport stream is the only format accepted.

Compliant Receivers and set-top boxes

Set-top box manufactures supporting SSU enhanced profile include companies like: ADB Global, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and Thomson.


SSU Systems

Scilla offer SSU systems for broadast network operators, conditional access vendors and set-top box manufacturers.

For Broadcast Network Operators

  • High-availability playout system for SSU enhanced profile
  • Advanced bandwidth management and scheduling functionality
  • Real-time monitoring of broadcasted SSU carousels
  • Scilla's solution is interoperability tested with major set-top boxes manufacturers
  • Consulting on building up commercial bootloading services
  • Experience in working with STB manufacturers and STB middleware providers
  • Aknowledged maintenance and support services

For CA vendors

  • Download and signaling of CI+ CICAM software upgrades
  • Host revocations using CI Plus Data Carousels

For Set-top box manufacturers

  • Lab system with DVB-SSU enhanced profile: L1300 DVB Testlab
  • Software for generating SSU enhanced profile Transport Streams
  • Support during client's acceptance testing
  • Scilla's system verified and used by broadcast network operators

For additional information on Scilla's solution for playout of SSU enhanced profile please contact Scilla sales at +358 9 876 3438 or send an email to sales@scilla.tv



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