Scilla C2200 SSU Server

Update of Set-top Box System Software

C2200 SSU Server

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Scilla IP Stream Processors and Carousel Servers are true software based implementations that run on standard PC server hardware.

Scilla Carousel Servers are also available on the .

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SSU Server

C2200 SSU Server is a DSM-CC carousel server that plays out DVB system software updates as SSU data carousels and proprietary format SSU transport streams.

The server supports both DVB-SSU simple profile and UNT enhanced profile. For UNT enhanced profile the update notification table (UNT) can be used to carry additional information for system software updates, e.g. scheduling information or selection and targeting information. UNT tables are generated automatically based on externally provided scheduling information.

C2200 SSU Server


C2200 SSU Server can also be used for signalling and download of CI CICAM and CI+ CICAM system software upgrades.

SSU is defined in ETSI specification TS 102 006 and C2200 SSU Server implements all functionality described in this specification. Additionally the server complies with the following requirements:

Supported Receiver Specifications

  • EN 62216:2011 Digital terrestrial television receivers for the DVB-T system
  • NorDig Unified Requirements v2.2.1
  • German DVB-T 111 v1.1 Minimum Requirements and Guideline for DVB-T receivers
  • Italian DGTVi D-Book 1.3.2
  • Requirements Specifications for DVB-T Receivers Used in Republic of Slovenia 1.0
  • České "D-BOOK" v2.05

Supported Rules of Operation

  • NorDig Rules of Operation 1.0
  • Digita Rules of Operation 2.1
  • Free TV Australia Operational Practice 46
  • Signalling Specifications for DTT deployment in Portugal (1.0)


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