Scilla C2300 Push-VOD Server

Filecasting Server

Scilla C2300 Push-VOD Server

Did you know?

Swcilla IP Stream Processors and Carousel Servers are true software based implementations that run on standard PC server hardware.

Scilla Carousel Servers are also available on the .

Recommended hardware

Check out our list of recommended hardware

  • Dell
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Supermicro

Push-VOD Server

Scilla C2300 Push-VOD Server is a data broadcast server that server plays out full length, Full-HD movie files over DSM-CC data carousels and HbbTV FDP using data piping. The use of LDCP FEC enhances reliability of Push-VOD file downloads.

Main Features

  • Filecasting using DSM-CC data carousels
  • HbbTV File Delivery Protocol (FDP)
  • Carousel and bandwidth scheduling
  • Automatic generation of download notifications
  • Support for large files +30GB
  • LDCP FEC applied on data carousels
  • Integrates with Attitude Content Delivery Platform
  • Hotswap (1+1) redundancy option

Scilla C2300 Push-VOD Server

Scilla C2300 Push-VOD Server Data sheet - PDF


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