Scilla EPG Editor

Off-line tool for editing EPG data

Scilla EPG Editor

Did you know?

Scilla EPG Editor software will help finding missing event information and and fixes inconsistencies in EPG data.

Scilla EPG Editor

Scilla EPG Editor is a WYSIWYG editor for EPG data. The graphical user interface is intuitive and makes it easy to browse and edit time based data. Standard and private descriptors can be edited using Scilla's standard SI Editor user interface.

Main features:

  • Edit multi-language EPG data
  • Automatic error search & editing
  • Correct missing EPG data or missing language versions
  • Auto-skew correction of overlapping time data
  • ETSI EN 400 368 character encoding
  • Huffman encoding of character strings
  • Import/export filters from XML, XMLTV


Supported character coding

The EPG Editor supports the following character coding:

  • ETSI-300468 coding of text characters
  • ISO-8859-1 Latin Alphabet No. 1
  • ISO-8859-2 Latin Alphabet No. 2
  • ISO-8859-3 Latin Alphabet No. 3
  • ISO-8859-4 Latin Alphabet No. 4
  • ISO-8859-5 Latin/Cyrillic Alphabet
  • ISO-8859-6 Arabic nominal letters
  • ISO-8859-7 Latin/Greek Alphabet
  • ISO-8859-8 Latin/Hebrew
  • ISO-8859-9 Latin Alphabet No. 5
  • ISO-8859-10 Latin Alphabet No. 6
  • ISO-8859-11 Thai
  • ISO-8859-13 Latin Alphabet No. 7 (Baltic Rim)
  • ISO-8859-14 Latin alphabet No. 8 (Celtic)
  • ISO-8859-15 Latin Alphabet No. 9 (Western European)
  • EUC-KR KS C 5601, EUC encoding, Korean
  • GB2312 EUC encoding, Simplified Chinese
  • Big5 Traditional Chinese
  • UTF-8 Unicode 8-bit
  • UTF-16BE Unicode 16-bit, big-endian

Arabic and Farsi in UTF-8 is supported on all platforms. Support for Khmer require Windows Vista or Windows 7.

System requirements:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP with SP 3


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Scilla offers DRM solution for connected devices

Scilla has released a DRM solution that enables video-on-demand and video rental services on hybrid and connected devices.


A new TS monitoring and analyser software released

Scilla TS Monitor software supports H.264, AAC and DVB subtitling.


ProMPEG FEC is now available

The Pro-MPEG Code of Practice #3 Release 2 FEC is now available in all Scilla products that offer Transport Stream over RTP as input or output option.





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