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Real-time monitoring of MPEG-2, ATSC, DVB and ISDB-Tb Transport Streams



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Did you know?

Scilla TS Monitor keeps local copies of all monitored PSI/SI tables and DSM-CC carousels This data is accessible from any third party applications using an open API.

Receive HD with DVB-T2 USB2 BDA receivers.

Scilla TS Monitor is a real-time monitor and analyser of DVB and ATSC Transport Streams. It is ideal for verifying that broadcasted PSI/SI, PSIP information is valid and inline with relevant specifications.

Main features

  • Real time analysis of ATSC, DVB and ISDB-Tb Transport Streams
  • Decoding of DVB PSI/SI tables: PAT, PMT, CAT, NIT, SDT, BAT, EIT, TDT and TOT
  • Supports SD and HD formats
  • MPEG-2 and H.264 video formats
  • MPEG-2, HE-AAC and AC-3 audio formats
  • TR 101 290 priority 1, 2 and 3 analysis
  • DSM-CC carousel analysis
  • SSU carousel and UNT table analysis
  • Supported Transport Stream inputs: BDA devices, Alitronika and DekTec input adapters, TS over IP and Transport Stream files

Extensive DSM-CC carousel analysis

Scilla TS Monitor performs live decoding and analysis of DSM-CC carousels: data carousels, object carousels, SSU carousels and Scilla push-VOD carousels. All decoded data, files and filesystems are stored on a local hard disk and is accessible by other applications for further processing.

In depth analysis of EPG event information

In addition to basic EIT table drill-down Scilla TS Monitor also analyses EIT tables and EPG data for semantic errors like inconsistencies in schedule data, gaps between events, overlapping events, missing parental rating as well as a number of other errors.

Mosaic video wall

Up to 16 services can be displayed on the video wall. Each wall window displays live video, present/following EIT data and audio VU-meters.

Extendable through an open API

Scilla TS Monitor includes a open Java API that can be used for building custom monitoring applications, integrating with third party NMS systems or exporting EPG data to third party applications.

PC requirements

TS Monitor can be installed on standard PC workstations running Windows XP or later. Standard BDA receivers (DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C), Alitronika and DekTec ASI adapters can be used as TS input sources. A quad core CPU or better is required for 16 service video wall.


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Scilla offers DRM solution for connected devices

Scilla has released a DRM solution that enables video-on-demand and video rental services on hybrid and connected devices.


A new TS monitoring and analyser software released

Scilla TS Monitor software supports H.264, AAC and DVB subtitling.


ProMPEG FEC is now available

The Pro-MPEG Code of Practice #3 Release 2 FEC is now available in all Scilla products that offer Transport Stream over RTP as input or output option.





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