Dec 30, 2010

A new TS monitoring and analyser software released

Scilla TS Monitor software supports H.264, AAC and DVB subtitling.

Scilla Systems now offer a TS Monitoring solution that provides real-time monitoring and analysis of DVB and MPEG-2 Transport Streams.

Scilla TS Monitor features include:

  • Complete PSI/SI drill-down and analysis
  • EIT parsing and EPG timeline view
  • 16 channel mosaic window with VU-meters
  • DSM-CC data and object carousels
  • Parsing of HbbTV, MHP and MHEG-5 carousels
  • DVB-SSU and push-VOD monitoring

The software support Ethernet, DekTec ASI adapters as well as standard DVB and ATSC adapters with BDA drivers as stream source.

For more information about Scilla TS Monitor and to request trial licenses please contact




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